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Zoning: Planning Commission & Board of Zoning Appeals


The Village of Boston Heights Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals meet jointly at the Village Hall, at 7PM on the 1st Wednesday of each month.

Application deadline is Thursday 3:30PM, 20 calendar days before the next meeting. Applications must be complete, and include all required documentation and fees.

Vlg of Boston Heights Zoning Code - Part 11
Vlg of Boston Heights Zoning Map, Ord 2-9-2017 (PDF) (March 2017)
Riparian Setback Map (PDF) (August 2006)

Boston Heights Comprehensive Land Use Plan, July 2014 (PDF)

The Planning Commission (PC) is empowered by Zoning Code Chapter 1101, Chapter 1151 and the Ohio Revised Code.

  PDF Planning Commission Application Form.
  PDF PC Meeting Notification Rule.

The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) is empowered by Zoning Code Chapter 1145 and the Ohio Revised Code.

  PDF BZA General Information and FAQ.
  PDF BZA Hearing Application Form.
  PDF BZA Rules of Procedure.
  PDF BZA Meeting Notification Rule.


Meetings & Hearings:
Agenda & Notes (Unofficial!)

Officials & Members

  • Mayor: Bill Goncy (PC)
  • Robert Campbell (PC)
  • John Codrea (PC)
  • John Williams (PC)
  • Ted Chandler (BZA)
  • William Hinkle (BZA)
  • Kathleen May (BZA)
  • Ron Dick (BZA)
  • Zoning Inspector: O.H.M. Advisors / Arthur Schmidt

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