Village of Boston Heights
Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals
Agenda for Wednesday, May 2, 2012 7:00PM

Board of Zoning Appeals

No agenda items

Planning Commission

1. Carriage Trader Auto Sales / Ernie Passeos
    334 E. Hines Hill Road (former Liberty HD)
    Request for Conditional Use Certificate per CO 1160.03(e) and site plan for approval for “vehicle sales operation” in RB district.

2. Consideration of amendment to Conditional Uses permitted in the Residential District pursuant to Codified Ordinances 1153.03. (John Codrea Chair, PC)

3. Consideration of proposed changes and updates to Sign Code, Codified Ordinances 1179.     (Pending review by Solicitor of revised PC proposals for election sign language proposals.)

4. Review of Village’s Planning and Development Fee Structure per Codified Ordinances 1101.05.     (Don Polyak, PC)

5. Consideration of amendment to Minor Subdivision Regulations per Ohio Revised Code 711.131(B).     (Don Polyak, PC w/ Bill Hinkle BZA)

Old Business: none

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