Village of Boston Heights
Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals
Agenda for Wednesday, May 4, 2022 7:00PM

Board of Zoning Appeals

BZA meeting CANCELLED 05/04/2022 by request of Zoning Inspector, Solicitor and applicant
  1. Kuchar LLC (applicant/owner) / Chris Congeni (counsel for applicant)
    20 Park Ledge Lane (parcel 1300999)
    Appeal of the order of the Zoning Inspector as to violation of Home Occupation requirements in the RESidential district.

Planning Commission

  1. S.J. Fireworks Unlimited LLC dba Fireworks Planet (applicant) deferred from February 2022
    [Ref. H & W Investments LLC (owner of record)]
    6231 Chittenden Road (parcel 1300512)
    1. Request for conditional use certificate for consumer fireworks sales (wholesale/retail) as conditional use in LM district per CO 1161.03(e).
    2. Request for approval of site plan for same, per CO 1151.05 et al.

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