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Ohio Route 8 Upgrade Project Planned through Boston Heights, Northfield Center Township, and Macedonia

The State of Ohio plans to rebuild State Route 8 from State Route 303 north to Interstate Route 271, through Boston Heights, Northfield Center Township, and Macedonia. All grade-level crossings and traffic lights will be replaced with bridges and ramps. A new high-speed interchange will be built between Route 8 and Route 271, to the west and south of the existing cloverleaf.   Map of the Route 8 plan (2002)

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Updated: 23 November 2005
New! Wikipedia's article on Ohio State Highway 8
Ohio Route 8 Project


News: Wheeling and dealing along the proposed marginal road; News-Leader: "Development vital for marginal road " (23 Nov'05).

News: The Akron Beacon Journal reviews the Route 8 project; ABJ: "Route 8 to be streamlined" (14 Nov'05).

News: Impacted Route 8 wetlands traded off for Twinsburg; ABJ: "Project brings local wetlands back to life" (14 Nov'05).

News: The State of Ohio has started purchasing Route 8 parcels: 183 Boston Mills & 190 Boston Mills (Boston Mills at Route 8).

News: Summit County Engineer Greg Bachman held a public meeting to discuss the proposed Route 8 access road on 22 April 2004 at the Holiday Inn in Boston Heights. Mr. Bachman outlined the proposal, including funding, planning and wetlands issues. He is forming a working group to "brainstorm" this project. (Apr 2004)

News: SC Engineer forms advisory committee on Route 8 Access Road; read the Hudson Hub-Times article of 28 April 2004, and the Sun article of 29 April 2004.

News: Route 8 Access Road may cost $8.5M; read the Hudson Hub-Times article of 18 April 2004.

News: According to Congressman Steven LaTourette, the TEA-LU, House Bill H.R.3550, includes funding for Route 8 project and $1.3M for the proposed access (service) road. (Mar 2004)

News: The State of Ohio announced allocation of funds to complete the Route 8 project; see the Plain Dealer article of 18 Mar 2004.

News: County Engineer Bachman has shown a preliminary route for a Route 8 access road, north from Hines Hill (Feb 2004).

News: AMATS revises TIP 1/28/04 to match TRAC funding of "Tier I Core Project":
    North phase (PID 24508) by 2007: $75.0M; South phase (PID 24507): (by 2009) $41.3M.
    Right-of-way purchases are scheduled for 2006, for both phases.

News: Funding authorized: Beacon Journal article of 10 December 2003, or the TRAC news release.

News: Informational meeting on Route 8 project held 24 November, 2003.
Read the Hudson Hub-Times article of 30 November 2003 and the Beacon Journal article of 25 November 2003.
Congressman Steven LaTourette sponsored the 24 Nov 2003 meeting on the S.R.8 project, in Boston Heights. County Engineer Greg Bachman and ODOT D4 Chief Mo Darwish answered questions and pledged to pursue an additional access road south and north from Twinsburg Road. Mr. Bachman is soliciting comments on this idea. Congressman LaTourette promised hold additional meetings in the future as needed to keep the public informed.

News: The Route 8 project included in Governor Taft's Jobs & Progress Plan. See also the Plain Dealer article of 6 Aug 2003.

Click here for ODOT's response to comments at the 2002 Public Hearing.
Click here for the County Engineer's April 2003 update on this project: "preliminary plans are approved".
The State of Ohio has allocated $3M for right-of-way acquisition in 2004: click here; see PID 24507,24508.

Congressman Steven LaTourette held a public meeting on the S.R.8 project on 24 March, 2003 in Northfield.
Reportedly, the Congressman vowed to hold up the $15M in Federal funding until ODOT and the Summit County Engineer meet with the local community.

Mayor McFall rakes Route 8 Proposal -- Click here to read his 2002 letter to ODOT.
Click here for ODOT's description of the project.
Click here to read about the February 2002 Public Meeting.
Click here for a July 2000 Sun News article on the original disagreements over the interchange design concepts.

From the State of Ohio TRAC press release of 7 May 2004, TRAC Releases 2005-2010 Projects List:

State Route 8, Summit County funding commitment of $112.6 million for the two-phase project to convert SR 8 into a limited access road between Interstate 271 and State Route 303 beginning in 2007. Total project cost $148.2 million.

State of Ohio funding information taken from TRAC document:
2005-2010 Major New Construction Program Tier I - Projects for Construction SFYs 2005-2010 (May 7, 2004).
The document includes this note:

The following projects were selected for construction in State Fiscal Years 2005-2010. Projects are subject to change if fiscal projections change. The fiqures denoted for project revenue are estimated as a planning tool only. All major new budget amounts are subject to future federal authorization.

See also AMATS Transportation Improvement Program for Fiscal Years 2004 through 2007 (TIP).

$ in Millions
Design Right-of-Way Acquisition Construction

Note: The TRAC 2003-2007 funding table also shows a FY 2003 allocation of $10.2M for design.

Project Project Cost Total TRAC Committment Description 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
4 Summit SR 8 Phase I
PID 24508
$88.5 $72.8 Convert to limited Access from I-271 to Twinsburg Rd. $3.0 $2.4 $6.5 $58.0      
4 Summit SR 8 Phase II
PID 24507
$59.7 $39.8 Convert to limited Access from SR 303 to Twinsburg Rd. $1.4 $2.0 $6.7     $28.0  

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