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Professional Soccer Stadium Complex Proposed for Northern Summit County:
Boston Heights, Northfield Center Township, or Macedonia

Links:   Overview   News   Background Updated: 5 May 2006
Soccer Stadium?

Paul Garafolo, Scott Wolstein, and other partners of the late Bert Wolstein, former owner of the old Cleveland Force soccer team, are promoting a 20,000+ seat Major League Soccer (MLS) stadium complex in the Cleveland-Akron area. The proposed stadium may be comparable to the Columbus Crew MLS stadium.

This Coliseum-size facility would be located on hundres of acres in somewhere in Northern Summit County, along with a 500,000 sq.ft. shopping center. The Summit County government is considering public financing and/or Tax Incentive Financing to provide the bulk of the $120 million (now $265M) cost of this project. The intended site is "along Route 8 between the Turnpike and I-271" -- therefore in Boston Heights, Northfield Center Township, or Macedonia (Ohio).

As of early 2006, news stories and public officials' statements have pegged the proposed site of the stadium east of Route 8, between Twinsburg Road (to the south) and Highland Road (to the north). The stadium complex would be combined with yet another large shopping center.


New! News: Boston Heights targeted for soccer / shopping center complex: "450 acres eyed for stadium district", News-Leader, 3 May'06

New! News: "Stadium complex plans proceed: Schools accept offer", News-Leader, 26 Apr'06.

New! News: "Nordonia board OKs soccer deal", Beacon Journal, 25 Apr'06.

New! News: "[Nordonia] Schools bargain for football stadium, fields", News-Leader, 19 Apr'06.

New! News: "Soccer plan would pay: Nordonia Hills board to vote on compensation deal", Beacon Journal, 18 Apr'06.

New! News: "[Nordonia] Schools see soccer complex financing plan", News-Leader, 29 Mar'06.

New! News: "Residents kick about soccer park"; Beacon Journal article, 16 Mar 2006.

New! News: Northfield Center to hold Public Hearing on soccer stadium plan; article, 3 Mar 2006.

New! News: Macedonia's Mayor Kuchta promotes Pro Soccer Stadium Proposal; article, 17 Feb 2006.

New! News: "Developers aim for goal line with soccer plan"; Beacon Journal article, 11 Feb 2006.

New! News: "Soccer Stadium Proposed on Route 8"; Plain Dealer article, 10 Feb 2006.

New! News: Soccer Stadium Plans Surface Again; article, 9 Feb 2006.

Unfortunately, many of the older news articles linked below have been taken offline by the original news sources. Some may still be accessible from your local library.

News: "A dead man can still dream"; Cleveland Scene article, 23 Mar 2005.
Paul Garofolo, who has taken over spearheading this project, is said to still be "negotiating with Summit County to buy 100 acres between the Turnpike and Interstate 271, and is exploring ways to raise public and private financing to build the $110 million stadium."
(Article now offline, was ).

News: "Bid to bring outdoor soccer team to area still alive"; Plain Dealer article, 15 Dec 2004.

News: The question of the proposed soccer stadium was raised at the recent "stakeholders meeting" (2 Sep 2004) held by the County Engineer to consider a possible Route 8 marginal road in Northern Summit County. In reply to a question on possible locations, Joe Migliorini, the Summit County Development Director, said he did "not believe any of the [proposed stadium] sites are in Boston Heights -- at this time." 2 Sep 2004.

News: Northfield Center, 3 other Summit sites considered for stadium; read the Hudson Hub-Times article, 18 Aug 2004.

News: More than 100 acres for soccer stadium "between the Ohio Turnpike and I-271"; read the Plain Dealer article, 4 Aug 2004.

News: Wolstein's partners acquiring land in Summit County, seeking public funds; read the Plain Dealer article, 29 June 2004, and the Beacon Journal article, 13 July 2004.

News: Joe Migliorini, Summit County Development Director, says of stadium project: "We're going to proceed with this." (Hudson Hub-Times, 19 May 2004).

News: Bert Wolstein dead at 77, partners to continue pursuit of stadium in Summit County; read the Beacon Journal article, 18 May 2004.

News: Stadium stalled but County still pushing North Summit location; read the Soccer Times article, 16 May 2004.

News: Wolstein gets a 45 day deadline from Major League Soccer; read the Beacon Journal article, 4 Apr 2004, or a mention in the Plain Dealer, 4 Apr 2004.

News: Wolstein deadline passes, but "dream still alive"; read the Plain Dealer article, 29 Mar 2004.

News: Letter warns against public funding of stadium; read the letter to the Beacon Journal, 7 Mar 2004.

News: Sites eliminated, but Wolstein & Summit still looking near Route 8; read the Beacon Journal article of 4 Mar 2004.

News: Beacon Journal urges skepticism; read the Beacon Journal editorial of 3 Mar 2004.

News: Summit County officials pushing stadium in Boston Heights or Richfield; read the Beacon Journal article of 1 Mar 2004.

News: "Wolstein's futbol fantasy"; Plain Dealer editorial of 13 Feb 2004.

News: Browns Stadium? No way, says Wolstein; read the Plain Dealer article of 11 Feb 2004.

News: Summit County said to favor Wolstein soccer stadium; read the Plain Dealer article of 6 Feb 2004.

News: Wolstein puts BH area back on the table, Summit County likes it! Read the Plain Dealer article of 31 Jan 2004.
And, according to the PD, 19 Dec 2003, "Summit County officials still are interested in building an outdoor stadium for Cleveland’s 2005 Major League Soccer franchise. And the Summit officials are seriously lobbying Bart Wolstein, future owner of the Cleveland MLS team, in hopes of reaching a stadium deal."


Background: Wolstein had said Boston Heights site "long gone", in a Hudson Hub-Times article of 26 November 2003.

Background: Wolstein signs on to bring an MLS team to the Cleveland area... somewhere, maybe Boston Heights; Crain's Cleveland Business News, 21 Nov 2003.

Background: Preliminary discussions between Wolstein & Boston Heights; read the Hudson Hub-Times article of 16 April 2003.

Background: Mayor McFall has confirmed Wolstein's interest, specifically that a stadium might be built on the Boston Hills Country Club!

Background: An early report on Wolstein's stadium plans in the Plain Dealer article of 9 Apr 2003: "a multi-purpose ballpark that could be used for concerts and be surrounded by dozens of soccer fields for youth camps and tournaments, not to mention a hotel and restaurant facility.".

Background: Wolstein's first mention of a Boston Heights stadium; Plain Dealer early 2003 (now offline).

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