Village of Boston Heights OH, Planning and Zoning Code  

TITLE ONE - Planning

Chapter 1101. Planning Commission.


TITLE THREE - Plats and Subdivisions

Chapter 1121. Platting Rules and Regulations.


TITLE FIVE - Zoning Administration

Chapter 1141. Definitions.

Chapter 1143. General Provisions.

Chapter 1145. Board of Zoning Appeals.

Chapter 1147. Certificate of Zoning Compliance, Permits, Rezoning Fee.


TITLE SEVEN - Use Districts and Regulations

Chapter 1151. Districts and Map Established; Generally Applicable Provisions.

Chapter 1153. RES Residential District.

Chapter 1157. OP Office/Profession District.

Chapter 1159. GB General Business District.

Chapter 1160. RB Retail Business District.

Chapter 1161. LM Light Manufacturing District.

Chapter 1162. Sexually Oriented Businesses.


TITLE NINE - Supplemental Regulations

Chapter 1171. Additional Use, Height and Area Regulations.

Chapter 1173. Nonconforming Uses.

Chapter 1175. Self-Service Storage Facilities.

Chapter 1177. Trees and Timber Cutting Regulations and Restrictions.

Chapter 1179. Signs.

Chapter 1181. Riparian Setbacks.

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