Village of Boston Heights OH, Planning and Zoning Code


Light Manufacturing District (LM)


1161.01 Purpose.

1161.06 Yard Requirements.

1161.02 Permitted uses.

1161.07 Intensity of Use.

1161.03 Conditional uses.

1161.08 Storage and Waste Removal.

1161.04 Prohibited Uses.

1161.09 Performance and Design Standards; Construction of Buildings.

1161.05 Height regulations.

1161.10 Site Plans; Additional Information.




General Provisions - see P. & Z. 1151.04

Bond Requirements - see P. & Z. 1151.06(d)

Design and fireproofing of buildings - see P. & Z. 1151.04(c)(3)

Height extensions - see P. & Z. 1171.02

Signs - see P. & Z. 1179


1161.01 PURPOSE.

This district is established to provide for uses for manufacturing operations, assembly of prefabricated components, light machining and storage as is required for operations, excluding chemical processing, heavy machining, casting, warehousing and storage.

(Ord. 12-2005. Passed 3-9-05.)


All uses permitted in the Office/Professional, General Business and Retail Business Districts.

(Ord. 12-2005. Passed 3-9-05.)


The Board of Zoning Appeals may issue conditional zoning certificates for uses listed herein and subject to the general requirements of Section 1145.04 and Chapter 1151:

(a) Component assembling.

(b) Production involving mixing, blending and bottling where the methods or processes used in such manufacturing or processing do not cause or emit smoke, odor, dust, fumes noise, vibrations or discharge unsatisfactorily treated discard waste and where no product or any material or ingredient used in such manufacturing or processing contains an explosive which is hazardous to the employees employed therein or to the neighborhood in the immediate surrounding area.

(c) Conditional uses permitted in the Office/Professional, General Business and Retail Business Districts.

(Ord. 12-2005. Passed 3-9-05.)


(a) Production involving chemical processing, casting, heavy machining, storage and warehousing.

(b) Adult entertainment Establishments as defined in Section 1162.02.

(c) Crematorium.

(d) Pinball and mechanical electronic games are not permitted except in incidental entertainment use in bars, night clubs, and taverns holding a valid hard liquor license. They are also permitted when allowed by Chapter 711 of the Codified Ordinances regulating amusement devices.

(e) Sale of fireworks and like items.

(Ord. 12-2005. Passed 3-9-05.)


Except as provided in Chapter 1171, no building shall be erected in the Light Manufacturing District to a height in excess of seventy-five feet, measured from the natural grade of the building line to the highest point on the roof, except that these provisions shall not apply to the height of a clock tower, wireless tower, chimney stack tower, scenery loft, or to the mechanical appurtenances part of such building. The above such projections shall not exceed ten feet above roof peak. All other projections in excess of ten feet must be approved by the Planning Commission. A property owner may apply to the Board of Zoning Appeals for a variance to obtain authority for a height in excess of seventy-five feet.

(Ord. 12-2005. Passed 3-9-05.)


(a) Setback Lines. The setback line for any building or structure erected shall be a minimum of one hundred feet from the public right of way subject to Section 1151.04.

(b) Front Yard. The front yard shall be landscaped in accordance with Section 1151.09. . No parking will be permitted in the front yard. A sidewalk with a minimum width of six feet shall be contiguous with those sides which contain the entrances to the building.

(c) Side and Rear Yards. Every building or structure intended for business use, shall have a rear and side yard. The rear yard shall have a width of at least fifteen feet from the rear lot line, and the side yard shall have a width of at least ten feet from the side lot lines except when adjacent to a Residential District use, the width shall be one hundred feet from the lot line adjacent to the Residential District; provided that the building and site arrangements also comply with the regulations set forth above and Section 1151.04. On the street side of a corner lot, such side yard shall be the not less than thirty-five feet in width.

(d) Storm Drainage. Drainage shall discharge into a common closed conduit which is to be located in the right of way of streets, alleys or easements. In no case shall the Planning Commission approve a storm drainage system which involves swales, roadside ditches, etc. as a means of conveying surface drainage from the sites.

(Ord. 12-2005. Passed 3-9-05.)


(a) Minimum Lot Area. The minimum lot area shall be two acres. The total amount of land occupied by all principal and accessory buildings shall not exceed forty percent (40%) of the area of the site.

(b) Minimum Lot Width. No building shall be constructed on any site which has a frontage of less than 200 feet on at least one accessible public street or highway. However, the Board of Zoning Appeals may permit a variance therefrom. In no event shall a variance be permitted unless there is access to the premises from a duly dedicated public roadway right of way not less than sixty feet in width.

(c) Size of Building. No building constructed for use in the Light Manufacturing District shall exceed 50,000 square feet.

(Ord. 22-2005. Passed 9-14-05.)


Ample inside or enclosed storage space must be provided for commercial debris, waste and garbage. Storage space must be contiguous to the main building and all storage items shall be screened from the parking lot and roadway. Removal and disposal by owner of the debris, waste or garbage is required to maintain a neat and orderly premises.

(Ord. 12-2005. Passed 3-9-05.)


(a) No operations shall discharge treated or untreated sewage or industrial waste into any reservoir or lake or discharge untreated sewage into any stream. All methods of sewage and industrial waste treatment and disposal shall be in a manner acceptable to the applicable local and State health agencies having jurisdiction.

(b) During construction of any building in this district, all contractors' equipment and employees; vehicles shall be parked on the premises and such premises shall be kept reasonably dust free.

(c) During construction, the highways in the vicinity of the premises shall be kept reasonably free of dirt and debris.

(d) All vehicular entrances and exits on public streets and highways shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the specifications of the Summit County Engineering Department.

(e) All unloading space, private driveways and parking areas shall be reasonably dust free, and such driveways leading to such parking areas shall be permanently treated with a hard surface upon the ground, conditions permitting, in accordance with Section 1151.08.

(f) All open areas surrounding the main building and facing any public street, excluding the parking area, are to be landscaped.

(g) Upon the completion of the construction of the buildings located on the premises adjacent to a district other than a Light Manufacturing District, all property lines abutting such other district shall be fenced at least five feet in height of woven or open mesh construction and erected in a neat and substantial matter.

(h) No outside area may be used for storage unless such storage area is screened from public view, except that this shall not prohibit the parking of cars and trucks in daily use.

(Ord. 12-2005. Passed 3-9-05.)


All site plans submitted for uses in the Light Manufacturing District shall be accompanied by the following information in addition to the information and specifications required by Section 1151.05:

(a) A description of the operations proposed in sufficient detail to indicate the effects of those operations concerning traffic congestion, noise, glare, air pollution, water pollution, fire hazards or safety hazards.

(b) Engineering and architectural plans for the treatment and disposal of sewage and industrial waste.

(c) The proposed number of shifts to be worked and the estimated maximum number of employees on each shift.

(d) The estimated construction cost of structures or buildings.

(Ord. 22-2005. Passed 9-14-05.)

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