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    About the Village of Boston Heights, Ohio
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New! Updated: 14 Dec 2017
Village of Boston Heights OFFICIAL website
Codified Ordinances of the Village of Boston Heights, OH
Boston Heights Business & Locations List

  BH in Ohio Where is Boston Heights, Ohio ?
Boston Heights is located in Northeast Ohio USA, in Summit County between the cities of Akron and Cleveland. Location is 41°15'53"N 81°30'48"W; reference elevation is 1,064 feet. ZIPs are 44236 and 44264.
Click here for the Boston Heights entry in Wikipedia.
Click here for a topographical map.
Click here for the Google Map of Boston Heights.
Click here for the Yahoo Map of Boston Heights.

New! Here is a map of the residential neighborhoods in Boston Heights.
Here is a map showing major landowners in Boston Heights (2010) PDF.

  Village Hall What is Boston Heights, Ohio ?
Boston Heights is a statutory village operating under the Ohio Revised Code and its own Codified Ordinances, with an elected Mayor, Clerk/Treasurer, and 6-member Village Council.
Click here for Village contacts, address and phones.
Click here for info on the Village Council.
Click here for info on Planning & Zoning.
Click here for representation in the US, Ohio and county legislatures.

Judicial matters are handled by the Village's own Mayor's Court, or the Stow Municipal Court.

  School Schools
Boston Heights is served by three school districts:
School Districts Nordonia Hills City School District at the north,
Woodridge Local School District at the west,
and Hudson City School District at the east.
Click here for a detailed map of the village school districts.
All three school districts have different 2009 property tax rates; only 9-11% of those taxes go to the village.

  Libraries Libraries
Boston Heights has no library of its own, but there are four very good libraries nearby:
• To the north, in Northfield: the Nordonia Hills Branch of the Akron-Summit County Public Library;
• To the east, in Hudson: the Hudson Library & Historical Society;
• To the southwest, in Peninsula: the Peninsula Library & Historical Society;
• To the northeast, in Twinsburg: the Twinsburg Public Library;
The Hudson, Peninsula and Twinsburg libraries are all members of the Clevnet Library Consortium, sharing a common catalog and interlibrary loans with other Cleveland-area libraries.

  $ Taxes and Finance
Boston Heights has a 2.0% income tax, with 100% reciprocity. This means income tax is paid by people and companies working in the village, and by village residents paying less than 2.0% (or nothing) at their city of employment.
Note: 2% rate began in tax year 2005; the TY 2004 rate was 1.5%.
Click here for Village Income Tax Code and forms PDF and here for general tax information from RITA.
The village also received income from various levies; see: 2009 property tax rates. There is also a hotel/bed tax and an admissions tax.

Boston Heights began posting its disbursements on the Ohio Treasurer's Ohio Checkbook website, beginning in 2017 for the year 2016 expenses. The Village Fiscal Officer has stated the intention of updating this resource only once per year, in arrears.
Boston Heights Village on Ohio Checkbook

Click here to read the 2016 State audit of the Village finances (28 Jul'16) & management letter.
Click here to read the 2014 State audit of the Village finances (23 Sep'14) & management letter.
Click here to read the 2012 State audit of the Village finances (19 Jun'12) & management letter.
In addition, certain checks were carried out for the transition from Clerk-Treasurer to Fiscal Officer, summarized as: "Agreed Upon Procedures (3/31/2012)". PDF
Click here to read the 2010 State audit of the Village finances (20 May'10) & management letter. PDF
Click here to read the 2008 State audit of the Village finances (17 Sep'08) & management letter. PDF
Click here to read the 2006 State audit of the Village finances (14 Nov'06) & management letter. PDF
Click here to read the 2004 audit (24 Aug'04) & management letter. PDF
Click here to read the 2002 audit & management letter. PDF
Click here to read the 2000 audit & management letter. PDF

  Census Population and Statistics
New! 2013 Update: The 2013 US Census Bureau update estimated that Boston Heights had about 1,400 residents. Median household income was estimated at $91,071; media home value estimate at $326,500. Further detail here:
Click here for 2013 census estimates for Boston Heights.

As of Census 2010,
Boston Heights had 1,300 residents in 463 households. This is up from Census 2000 with of 1,186 residents in 392 households and the intervening estimates of 2008: 1,220 residents; 2006: 1,223; 2004: 1,193.
Click here for all kinds of census data on Boston Heights.
here for the Census map of Boston Heights. PDF

  House Home Values
New! In 2016, the average sale price for a home in Boston Heights was $379,246 -- with 9 homes sold at "arm's length". Three sold for $150-250,000+, one for $335,000, and five for more than $350,000 (averaging $517,142).
One additional homes sold in a foreclosure-related sale.

  Park in BH Size
Boston Heights comprises 6.90 square miles, with a density of 172 persons per square mile. That's about 1/5th the density of the neighboring city of Hudson. Why? Because...

  CVNP National Park
The Cuyahoga Valley National Park encompasses over 1/3 of the village, nearly 2.5 square miles. The Park's Happy Days Visitor Center is located in the village, on Rt.303 one mile west of Rt.8.

  MetroParks Bike & Hike Metro Park
The Summit Metro Parks Bike & Hike Trail runs the length of the village, nearly 4 of the trail's 31 miles, along the former New York Central rail right-of-way. You can park and join the trail at Brandywine, W. Hines Hill, W. Boston Mills, and Streetsboro (Rt.303) Roads, as well as at Bone and Akron-Cleveland Roads, behind Tiki Underground restaurant.

  Metro Bus Mass Transit
• The Akron Metro Regional Transit Authority serves Boston Heights with daily bus service on its route #103 between the Clarion Inn and downtown Akron. Also handy is route #104 through Hudson and Twinsburg. Route #102 no longer stops in the Village.
The X60 express, between Akron and Cleveland, also stops in Boston Heights at the Park-and-Ride lot at Chittenden Road and Route 303.
Here are the Metro route maps and schedules PDF.
  SWMP Watersheds Stormwater Management
Boston Heights is a co-permittee of the
Summit County Countywide Storm Water Management Program (SWMP) .
The north & east is in the Brandywine Creek watershed; the south and west is in the Cuyahoga River watershed (with a tiny slice in the Mud Brook watershed). Here is a watershed map of Summit County.

From the Boston Heights News newsletter for July 2006:
" It is part of your Village's committment to meet Ohio EPA standards to protect your health as well as preserving your property. Any questions about this program may be directed to Bill Goncy, your Storm Water Group Representative, at 330.650.0267."

News: Village announces start of outfall mapping by County crews (Mar'06)
News: County announces outfall mapping to begin (Jul'05)
News: Storm Water Quality Patch available to Scouts & Others (Apr'04)

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