June 3, 2009
Brief update on the odor problem in Boston Heights
from: Councilman Mike Cheung

A more extensive update will be posted, hopefully tomorrow night, after I have had a chance to go over it with Mayor Bill Goncy and Councilman Scott Foss for factual accuracy. However, I wanted to get an update out as soon as possible.

The odor issue began on or about 5/21 when used compressor oil contaminated with a strong smelling chemical known as a mercaptan was pumped accidentally into an empty tank at the Dynagard facility on Hines Hill Road. Because the tank was empty at the time, it failed to seal properly and permitted the odor to escape. The chemical involved is the same or very similar to the one used to scent natural gas so that we may smell it when there is a leak. The company responsible tried two separate plans to eliminate the odor and both were unsuccessful. They are trying a third plan this week and, after speaking with a representative of the company and a representative of the Ohio EPA, I am hopeful that they will succeed this time.

One thing we will need residents to do to help us is to let us know when there are strange chemical odors, especially in the Ashbrooke neighborhood, so we may follow up on this or related odor issues. For the current problem, if all goes as we've been advised, there should be no mercaptan odor after Friday, we definitely need to know if it persists beyond then.

Boston Heights Village Hall: phone 330-650-4111