July 16, 2009
Boston Heights Police Chief Reports on Burglary Arrests

In response to our inquiry about police and helicopter activity at Route 303 and Olde Eight Road on 15 July 2009, Boston Heights Police Chief Joe Varga issued the following information:


On Wednesday night, the 15th of July, the department received an alarm drop at a house in the Ledges. Sgt. Heatwall and Officer Plesz responded, and report came in that three males were seen leaving the house in the Ledges, driving a white vehicle. Sgt. Heatwall found the vehicle at SR 303 at Bob's BP, initiated a traffic stop, and took all three individuals into custody.

Two 18-year-olds and one 16-year-old, two from Uniontown and one from Northfield, were charged. The officers recoverd hundreds of dollars of stolen merchandise. These subject were apparently involved in numerous burglaries throughout the county. It took the officers eight hours just to log all the stolen property. The Boston Heights Police Department is working with other agencies in helping them solve their burglaries too. There were some search warrants issued this morning, and searches conducted throughout the county resulted in some arrests, and recovered stolen property.

The Chief also noted that there have been numerous thefts from unlocked vehicles along Olde Eight, and parts of the Ledges. Most of the cars were left unlocked and items stolen from them. He added that it is too early to tell if these suspects were involved in the theft of items in vehicles, but it is believed not at this time. However, other communities are also experiencing thefts from unlocked vehicles at night time. He urges people to lock up their vehicles.

Chief Varga also stated: "So with the great police work from Sgt. Heatwall and Officer Plesz, a great job was done."

Any further information or questions please call.

Chief Joseph A. Varga III
Boston Heights Police Department