February 18, 2008
Boston Heights Police Chief Reports on Cruiser Accident

Boston Heights Police Chief Joe Varga issued the following news release:


On Saturday February 16, 2008 at 00:30 Sgt. Raymond L. Heatwall was conducting a traffic stop on State Route 8 near SR303. He checked traffic as he got out and all was clear. As he was out of his cruiser he looked back and saw a car was coming at a high rate of speed. Sgt. Heatwall stated he saw the car coming at him and jumped back into his cruiser and the car struck the cruiser and kept on going. Sgt. Heatwall was able to call dispatch and other officers and the subject entered the turnpike gate off of State Route 8. The subject crashed the gate and headed east. Officer Shannon Mayfield of our Department gave chase and the suspect then exited at the Streetsboro exit and crashed that gate as well.

Officers got him stopped on I-480 at Frost road and arrested him with the assistance of Streetsboro Police. He was charged with OVI, Fleeing, Failing to merge for a emergency vehicle along with other charges.

Subject is a one Anthony Seawell from Evington Virginia, age 41. When asked why he did not stop when he hit the cruiser he stated he thought he hit a pot hole. He later stated he did not stop because he was drunk and did not want to get arrested for OVI. Sgt. Heatwall did not sustain any injuries and due to his alertness around him saved his life.

Any further information or questions please call.

Chief Joseph A. Varga III
Boston Heights Police Department