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Regulations for Political Signs in Boston Heights

Chapter 1179 "Signs" of the Codified Ordinances of the Village of Boston Heights, Ohio
regulates the timing and placement of political signs within the Village.
A copy may be obtained from the Village Fiscal Officer.
(updated Sep 2012, effective Oct 2012)

All temporary political signs must be registered with the Village Office Clerk
on an approved "Temporary Sign Registration Form". (Section 1179.03(j))

"Any political sign that does not exceed twelve (12) square feet
per side shall be permitted provided that such sign shall be not
be erected for more than thirty (30) consecutive days before it
must be taken down and, at the property owner’s option, be
replaced with a new sign. Each such sign shall be duly
registered in accordance with subsection l179.03(j) of this
. (Section 1179.04(a)(3)(D) et al. effective Oct 2012)

Temporary political signs may be one- or two-sided, and must be non-illuminated.
Such signs may not be placed in the public right-of-way under any circumstances,
and may be placed on private property only with the permission of the property owner.
See the Signs regulations for other requirements.

These Ohio Supreme Court decisions may also be of interest:
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Hudson v. Arshinkoff, 2005-Ohio-6976.

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